Technique Tuesday: Yarn Couching with the Rolled Hem Foot

Hi Everybody, recently I learned that you can do yarn couching using the Rolled Hem foot. So, no need to purchase a Couching foot. It also means that the Rolled Hem foot has multiple uses, which is great.

When couching yarn you can use thread the color of the yarn so that the yarn stands out or choose to use a contrasting color on the yarn so the stitches stand out too. And lastly you can use nylon microfilament thread so that the stitches disappear and the yarn seems to float on the garment. 

I did a test sew using my old standard, an old bedsheet. In the image above I used medium weight size 4 worsted acrylic yarn, a wide ribbon, and sari yarn that I purchased to felt with. The three white cords are craft yarn that I corded, something I will discuss in a future blog. 

I purchased monofilament thread Sew-ology1001 Transparent Nylon Thread from Hobby Lobby on sale for .99. I also purchased a larger set of 6 additional Rolled Hem feet to create hems in the following sizes: 3mm (1/8"), 4mm (5/8"), and 6mm (1/4") and 1/2", 3/4", and 1".

I already owned the Singer Rolled Hem foot which is 1/8" about 3mm, a narrow rolled him. 

This foot also couches medium weight size 4 worsted yarn. The generic and the singer presser feet look similar from the top, but the singer foot curves more in the back bottom. Since the 3mm foot from the generic set is equivalent to the Singer foot, I will be using the Singer foot. 

When I tested couching ribbon with the larger rolled hem feet I sewed slower, but I found it rather easy to use the foot, much easier than getting the fabric to roll into the foot to create a hem.

After creating my test sew above, I couched this ribbon on a pillow I created for my nieces daughter, which she loved.

When couching ribbon stitch in the center of the ribbon. In the image above, I used a straight stitch over the purple ribbon, however in the first image that shows my test, I used decorative stitches. Depending on your project, fabric art of sewing a garment or housewares, you may decide to stitch in the center or the edge of the ribbon.


These videos are from from Singer.
 This below video doesn't contain audio, but it neatly demonstrates the concept.

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