Technique Tuesday: Weaving Bracelets Using a Bracelet Loom

This summer I watched quite a few crafting videos online and wondered if I should incorporate my own spun fabric into my sewing & fabric art mix. Before I dropped hundreds of dollars on a large weaving loom I decided that I should try something a wee bit smaller to get my feet wet and see if it was something I really wanted to do or a whim.

So, I purchased the Bracelet Loom by Leisure Art. Now it doesn't have all of the fancy moving parts that a Rigid Heddle Loom has, but the basic concepts are there and it gives me the opportunity to flex or scratch that itch. My $8.99 + tax investment in the loom along with a purchase of embroidery floss and what I thought was embroidery floss, but turned out to be craft thread, all from Hobby Lobby got me started. I later shopped online shopping for clasps to finish the bracelet. I opted for brushed brass. 

I was all set to start my venture in weaving. That is until I read the instructions and started scratching my head and weeping. I needed some help stat, and thankfully was able to find tons of videos online from teachers and sellers alike demonstrating how to weave a bracelet.

My first effort wasn't that great. I used the 100% cotton craft thread for the warp and worsted weight acrylic yarn that I had in my stash for the weft. And uh, needless to say, my end result didn't look like the videos. 
For starters I weaved the weft tails on the front & back of the bracelet - a rookie mistake indeed. And it just wasn't rigid, solid & professional looking. It was wonky.

So, I thought perhaps the yarn is too chunky. I'll use all craft thread, and I purchased some cotton warp loom yarn for the weft. 

Ahh, almost, but this time I didn't manage to keep the width. It was cinching in narrower and narrower, even though I thought I was painstakingly following instructions. It wasn't looking like a bracelet, it looked like an abstract doll in a dress. So, I cut my loses and ditched that bracelet and went back to re-watching more videos to see where I went wrong and how I can improve.

One tip I got, which wasn't in the guide, was to double warp my loom. So, after downloading some free templates from Spruce & Linen and meticulously studying her videos, I started over, and I might say, this new start is looking promising.

I am doing a combination of the standard weave with the chevron weave. So, fingers crossed I will weave something I can actually wear 🙃.

Turns out that weaving is relaxing and something I can do while watching TV or videos online. However, the jury is out on whether I will graduate to a larger loom or take any weaving courses.


Spruce & Linen Loom

CraftSanity Bracelet Loom

Creating a Custom Cuff Bracelet Loom

Ready to start weaving your own bracelets?
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