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How to Search Tweets on Twitter: Yours and Others

 Advanced Search - Twitter Ever wonder how news agencies, bloggers and people on Twitter and other social media sites are able to locate a tweet from a specific time or on a specific topic?  For instance when the 45th President of the United States would tweet something often times news agencies, bloggers, and people on social media would find similar tweets relating to that topic in the past and post them, which led to the following memes:  There's a Tweet for Everything or This Tweet Didn't Age Well .  Or maybe you are looking for an old tweet you tweeted but can't remember exactly when you tweeted it. You can use the Advanced Search feature in Twitter to drill down to exactly what you need. Using advanced search makes it easier to find specific tweets by  refining your search results to specific date ranges, people, hashtags, etc. To do this make sure you are logged into your Twitter account and click the tree dots to the right of the search field, then click A