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Singer PSW Deluxe Embroidery Software Update

Digitizing with PSW Deluxe™ The eBook is no longer available for purchase. Thanks for your interest in the Digitizing with PSW Deluxe Embroidery Software eBook. The book is no longer available for purchase, but there is a suite of courses on my tutorial YouTube channel that teaches how to use all of the software tools.  Unfortunately, the company that Singer partnered with to create their embroidery software, Compucon, went out of business. So, Singer built a partnership with the company that created embroidery software for Husqvarna and Pfaff and is no longer offering PSW Deluxe embroidery software bundled with their machines or as a standalone. Without a market available for the book, that is few customers, I made the prudent decision to pull it from the marketplace.  If you own the PSW Deluxe software and never got around to learning how to use it, watch my courses online . The software is pretty powerful and will have you quickly creating custom designs or modifying existing

Fit Life: Tight Hips

I have spent the past two weeks, working almost non stop building a 200 sqft extension to my existing patio. And it has taken a toll on my body.  Garland Pose - Margo Francis After standing up from a low stool last night, my left hip starting screaming at me. And after an excruciating night of sleep I found these wonderful yoga exercises that should help me keep my hips nimble and should help you too. 3 Yoga Poses for Tight Hips #FitLife