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Appliqué - PSW Deluxe Digitizing Embroidery Video Series

Hello Everybody! Happy Digitizing. We've come quite a way in learning how to use the digitizing, editing, and lettering tools in the Singer Professional Sew-Ware® Deluxe embroidery software. So, now we are going to focus on putting those skills to work by creating some fun projects. This blog and future blogs will focus on some of the creative aspects of the software as you combine the tools to create specialized projects. This video tutorial will teach you how to manually create an Appliqué design. The video demonstrates creating the traditional appliqué with satin overlock stitches with a bonus lesson demonstrating using motif stitches for overlocking.     If you want to follow along with this video you can download the winking smiley face image here:   If you enjoyed this video and want to see more of the series, please like the video and click the subscribe button. You can subscribe without leaving this blog post by mousing/hovering over t

Accessing & Viewing Embroidery Designs - PSW Intro & Deluxe Digitizing Embroidery Video Series

Did you know that there are three different ways to access & view embroidery designs with the Singer Professional Sew-Ware® Deluxe  (PSW Deluxe) and PSW Intro embroidery digitizing applications? No, you didn't know. Don't feel bad, I got you - this blog post and video tutorial will demonstrate all three ways you can access, view and work on embroidery designs in PSW Intro and Deluxe software. This lesson is beneficial to anyone who owns the PSW Intro and PSW Deluxe applications: owners of the Superb EM200, Legacy SE300 and Legacy SE340 machines. We will first look at the Design Browser, which tells you quite a bit of information about the embroidery design without opening it. The Design Browser can view any machine embroidery files (e.g. XXX, DST, PES) as well as CHE and FHE files. Next we will look at the Design Library, which contains the 200 designs that came bundled with your machine. Lastly, we will look at the Embroidery Design Collection, which contains 2,900 em