Having Fun Sewing Decorative Stitches in a Circle

The decorative stitches on the Singer Legacy 340/300 sewing & embroidery machine are beautiful. I finally stitched out all 250 of the stitches and placed them in a binder for future reference. I also created my own circular stitch tool so I can stitch out large circles using the decorative stitches. I think they came out beautifully.

The circles on the white background are my first attempt, so you see that blue incomplete circle went wonky because I forgot to secure the pin tool. I used a mixture of polyester overlock and embroidery thread.

The second set of circles I wanted to stitch out large circle. The largest in this group is 8 inches all the way to 2 inches. I am using Simthread polyester embroidery thread. When I used Madeira Rayon the thread kept breaking. But I have zero issues with Simthread.

Thread Colors and Stitch Numbers

2" Circle Color #507 Emerald Green | Decorative Stitch # 124

3" Circle Color #800 Red | Decorative Stitch # 75

4" Circle Color #507 Emerald Green | Decorative Stitch # 76

5" Circle Color #202 Lemon Yellow | Quilting Stitch # 217

6" Circle Color #800 Red | Decorative Stitch # 96

7" Circle Color #202 Lemon Yellow | Heirloom Stitch # 235

8" Circle Color  #800 Red | Decorative Stitch # 111

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