Technique Tuesday: How to Make a Beanie

How to Make a Beanie with a Sentro Knitting Machine

Today's Technique Tuesday we are going to learn how to make a beanie using the Sentro Knitting Machine in about 20 minutes. 

I made my first beanie a few weeks ago and was shocked how quickly I was able to make it with no knitting experience. I have made afghan throws & scarves in the past and crochetted a throw, but never knitted, frankly because it seemed like a really difficult thing to do with two needles.

The Sentro Knitting Machine makes knitting a cinch. This 48 pin machine (it comes in smaller sizes) will make knits of a certain size. But that's ok, because the size of the pins are the average sized knits for beanies/hats, scarves, gloves, and sweaters aka jumpers.

This is beneficial when you are connecting two completed panels and you do not want a noticeable seam in the garment/design. 


1. Sentro Knitting Machine (or another round knitting machine like the Aldi). You can purchase one from their website or on Amazon.

2. Yarn or Tapestry needle - three come in the kit with the Sentro Knitting Machine.

3. Scissors

4. Optional - Pom Pom

5. Yarn: From my research the Sentro Machine prefers size 4 yarn. It also comes with smaller size yarn in the kit, so I presume a size 3 yarn. Size 1 tends to be for fine delicate knitting, which you cannot do with the Sentro. The looms would be too large.

To learn more about yarn weight, check out this article by Sarah Stearns.

To learn more about the type of yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic, etc) that works best in the Sentro Knitting Machine, read this article by Kelsey Jane.

Video: Knitting Machine Beanie Pattern (Easy!)

You will want to knit about 140 rows for an adult beanie and 100 rows for a child's beanie. My first beanie I knitted 100 rows cast off, completed the beanie and discovered it was too small for my head. The YouTuber made a child sized beanie and didn't disclose up front it was for a smaller head. The video below by Crystal is made for an adult head.

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