Preparing Photos for the Web and Print - Canon DPP 4

Batch Process, Save, Export, and Print

Once you’ve followed the processing techniques in lessons 1 - 10  you’ll want to share your favorite shots with family, friends and clients. In this lesson we’ll look at ways to get your shots looking their best whichever media you choose to share them in.

You can set up Digital Photo Professional 4 to display a narrower range of colors if you’re processing for print, or a wider range if you’re planning to share electronically.

Mini Guide

Follow along and take notes 

That's the end of the 11 tutorials for DPP. You should now know enough to be dangerous and create great photos for your clients & customers, yourself, and your family & friends.
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Additional Resources

There are additional video tutorials for Canon's tools that may interest you:
Canon USA has an excellent website Learn with Canon that is full of video tutorials and articles that are targeted to various photography styles, Canon cameras, lenses, and software.

Want to see all of the 11 DPP Lessons, click the DPP keyword below.


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