Making Progress on the PSW Deluxe Digitizing Embroidery Video Series

Hello everyone. I have been chomping at the bit to get these video tutorials done and out to you, so that you can see, learn, and practice digitizing embroidery designs in the Professional Sew-Ware® Deluxe (PSW Deluxe) digitizing software by Singer.

Video Production

Whew. So first, the production effort. I am a production house of ONE. That means I have to write the scripts, record the narration, edit, mix-down, and master the narration. Then I have to record the video portion, edit the video(s), add annotations, and the narration track(s). Finish, encode, upload and publish the video.

But I'm not done, because I have to write all of the supporting documents - concise and comprehensive video descriptions, companion blog posts, updates on social media - this my friend is a massive project management endeavor. There's a good thing I have my PMP (Project Management Professional Credential). Hey I'm in my element.

But, all of these tasks, which are typically done by a team of people, each having deep expertise in a particular task/function, are time-consuming. So, I thank you for your patience as I pull together quality content for you.

Live Video Tutorials

The PSW Deluxe tutorial series is aimed at embroidery enthusiasts who own the PSW Deluxe digitizing software. The following videos are live on my YouTube Channel:
1. PSW Deluxe: Activating the Digitizing Mode
2. PSW Deluxe: Freeform Tool
3. PSW Deluxe: Embroidery Settings
4. PSW Deluxe: Lettering 101
5. PSW Deluxe: Lettering 201 - Frames

        PSW Deluxe Play Lists

        For your convenience the videos I produce are organized into three playlists:
        1. Digitizing with SINGER® PSW (Professional Sew-Ware) Deluxe™
        2. Singer PSW Deluxe: Settings & Editing
        3. Singer PSW Deluxe: Lettering

        I also included three bonus playlists:
        I did not create these videos
        1. Singer Legacy SE340/300 Owner's Embroidery & Sewing Machine Classes - includes 11 videos that cover the sewing and embroidery functions of your machine.
        2. Singer Presser Feet - includes 30 videos that cover the presser feet that are bundled with your machine as well as some additional presser feet that may interest you.
        3. Draw Package - Embroidery - SINGER - includes 4 videos that covers the Draw Package, which you can use to customize artwork before digitizing.

          Upcoming PSW Deluxe Video Tutorials

          The following videos will be live on my YouTube Channel throughout 2020 and into 2021, so be sure to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell to be alerted when a new video is released: 

          Manual Digitizing
          3. Magic Wand Tool 
          4. Putting it All Together

          Auto Digitizing


          Lettering 301: Hyperfont 
          Lettering 401: Monograms & Knock Down Stitches 

          Special Topics
          1. Design Browser and Embroidery Design Collection
          2. Applique
          3. Blended Fill
          4. Sashiko
          5. Cross Stitch 

          Companion Guide

          A comprehensive companion guide with all of the steps explained in this video series is available to purchase here:
          Digitizing with PSW Deluxe Cover
          Digitizing with PSW Deluxe Table of Contents
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          Singer Legacy SE340


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