Create Custom Embroidery with Embroidery Software

How To Create Custom Embroidery Using Your Computer

Learn how to create custom embroidery designs by watching these video tutorials and reading my eBook. These videos focus on how to use this powerful software, Professional Sew-Ware Deluxe, by Singer, to digitize embroidery designs.  

1. Activating the Digitizing Mode

2. Freeform Tool

3. Column Tool

4. Geometric Shapes Tools

5. Magic Wand Tool

6. Putting It All Together

7. Appliqué

8. Design Browser

9. Color Blending

10. Autopunch

I have created a deep dive guide: DIGITIZING WITH PROFESSIONAL SEW-WARE DELUXE™ that compliments these videos and provides details about the Digitizing mode in PSW Deluxe, how to access it, and how to use its powerful features.  

To view all of the videos & blogs in the series click the PSW Deluxe keyword below.


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