Autopunch - PSW Deluxe Digitizing Embroidery Video Series

Hello everyone the next tutorial for the Singer Professional Sew-Ware® Deluxe  (PSW Deluxe) digitizing software is live. This episode focuses on the Autopunch tool in the Professional Sew-Ware® Deluxe digitizing software by Singer. Autopunch is an automatic digitizing tool that allows you to create embroidery designs using a wizard. After this lesson you will be able to use the Autopunch tool to create your own custom embroidery. 

Although the target audience are owners of the Singer Legacy SE340 sewing and embroidery machines, Futura owners will find value in this video too.

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Autopunch or Magic Wand

So, opinion time - which tool should you use? The Autopunch automatic digitizing tool that is frowned upon by experienced digitizers and scrutable embroidery buyers or the Magic Wand semi-automatic digitizing tool that many reputable digitizers use. Personally, I recommend the Magic Wand as it still allows you the freedom to customize the design to your choosing and it is actually quicker than the Autopunch wizard. 

But, that is a matter of taste. When you first start using PSW Deluxe you will find that there is a learning curve and you may simply just want to quickly digitize some artwork and let the application make the decision for you. So, don't feel guilty if after going through all of the tutorials you find that you are still using Autopunch to digitize designs. It is great to have options.

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